The pledges of our Italian politicians

to support the diabetological community

Sen. Renato Ancorotti
Sen. Renato AncorottiFratelli D'Italia
Sen. Susanna Camusso
Sen. Susanna CamussoPartito Democratico
MP Ugo Cappellacci
MP Ugo CappellacciForza Italia
MP Simona Loizzo
MP Simona LoizzoLega Nord
Sen. Beatrice Lorezin
Sen. Beatrice LorezinPartito Democratico
Sen. Mario Occhiuto
Sen. Mario OcchiutoForza Italia
MP Roberto Pella
MP Roberto PellaForza Italia
Sen. Elisa Pirro
Sen. Elisa PirroMovimento 5 Stelle
Sen. Salvo Pugliese
Sen. Salvo PuglieseFratelli D'Italia
Sen. Guido Quintino Liris
Sen. Guido Quintino LirisFratelli D'Italia
Sen. Giovanni SATTA
Sen. Giovanni SATTAFratelli d’Italia
Sen. Daniela Sbrollini
Sen. Daniela SbrolliniItalia Viva
Sen. Francesco Silvestro
Sen. Francesco SilvestroForza Italia
Sen. Francesco Zaffini
Sen. Francesco ZaffiniFratelli d'Italia

Learn more about our tasks for policymakers and hear more about the 4Es
Early Detection – Equitable Care – Empowering People –
Embracing Science and Technology
that were presented during the EUDF session at the EASD Annual Meeting 2023 in Hamburg